Quality Real Estate Leads 

Real estate  can be a lucrative business, but you must have the right knowledge and tools. Wholesalers and renovation flippers alike know that there are multiple aspects involved in the investing process. Mastering the skills required are necessary to work successful deals in this business. After that, you are still left with the issue of where to find real estate leads. There are many different sources as well as types of leads out there. Finding motivated home sellers who want or need to sell fast is the key. They are more willing to make a good wholesale deal, leaving you as an investor plenty of room for profit.

Through a good marketing campaign, you can generate your own real estate leads. The internet is the key to this process. Having a website with valuable information about your services and contact forms for potential clients to fill out is essential.

Probate leads can be a great source for great deals. People who inherit properties are often highly motivated to sell. Probate real estate leads are commonly found in the system at any given time. This makes it a great avenue for investors to pick and choose the properties they want. It is possible to go down to your local courthouse and obtain probate properties, however this can be time consuming. The plus side is that it doesn’t cost you anything. There are some companies who specialize in selling probate leads. Since this route costs you money, it is important to make sure your source sells fresh leads.

Pre-foreclosures are another good source for real estate leads. Homeowners in pre-foreclosure have defaulted on their mortgage payments and are in danger of having their homes taken and sold at auction. Since a foreclosure can be detrimental to have on one’s credit record, a homeowner may be motivated to sell at a reduced price to avoid this. There are companies who sell pre-foreclosure and pre-nod leads. Some sell individual lists and some sell them through monthly subscriptions. As with other leads, these types of leads need to be current.

When looking for real estate leads, there are many avenues you can take. You can even use a combination of multiple methods. Tracking where your leads are coming from will help you tailor your advertising dollars wisely. Ideally, the goal is to have a steady stream of quality real estate leads coming in. This will increase the number of deals you close and boost your success in the real estate industry.

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